Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let me Finish . . .

Well, clearly something didn't save on that last post. I didn't mean to leave you dangling!

So of course, in November we celebrated Webb's fourth birthday and launched our new business venture, CrossFit Hog Town. It was a busy month. Chris was working hard on building bunk beds for Webb's birthday and getting a lease signed on our space. Once that was done, we began the process of announcing it on social media. Thinking back, it was a complete whirlwind and all happened so quickly. This Christmas was a little different because we were spending so much time getting building up to code . . . new bathrooms, fire exits, etc. It was wonderful as always though because Nancy came to stay with us. Having her here makes it so much more fun.

January was a CRAZY time! We hosted an open house at the box at the end of the month so the whole month was spent making sure we had the equipment in, marketing done, things up to code, and members ready to join. The open house was a success- I think we had around 60 people total come from our community. That following Monday was our first class. Here we are six months later and we are continuing to grow! Owning a business is a lot of work but it is so rewarding. We have met some of the nicest people. I have developed a real love for CrossFit (it's more like an addiction) and I'm actually competing in my first competition in September. I'm training about 5 days a week which I'm loving. Thank you, summer break for allowing me more time to work out!

Life took a big turn in April. To make a long story short, we went to visit a private school for Webb and they asked for my resume! Two interviews later, I was offered the job and of course, accepted! I am thrilled to be joining the staff this fall and certainly look forward to being a part of Webb's education when he starts in another year!

I'll do a recap tomorrow of our summer so far. It's been pretty low-key with lots of play dates and pool time.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I'm back! I'm back! Oh I'm so happy to be back to blogging! Back in October, something crazy happened with my google account and was locked out of my account. Today, I FINALLY found a link that helped me reset everything and now we're back in business!

I've really missed blogging. I've often visited the blog to look back at old pictures of Webb and I'm so glad I have this little place to call my own. It holds many special memories for my little family!

A lot has happened since I wrote back in September! Let me try to back up a bit and fill in the missing pieces!

October: We spent a few weekends in the mountains. The first weekend we went to a beautiful house near Dillsboro with Nancy and Chris' parents. We went canoeing, hiking, shopping, and ate a delicious meal at the Jarrett House.

The last weekend of October, we took Webb to Tweetsie for his fourth birthday! Tweetsie was the cutest, quaintest, most adorable family place I've been to in a while. We rode tons of rides and enjoyed the beautiful mountain air. It was perfect! I think we may ago for this fifth birthday this fall!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Can I just tell you how in love I am with Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee? It's so delicious without the added sugar and such in lattes and creamers. I just add a splash of skim milk and a little Stevia and go. It's been super nice to sip on during these cool fall mornings!

Not drinking: Soft drinks. I have really kind of given them up. I never thought I could go without my Diet Coke, but I've been drinking so much water lately that I don't even miss it.
Reading: Chris and I have been reading several of Dave Ramsey's books. We had been doing the envelopes very loosely for a few years but this summer, we buckled down and read his books and FINALLY got on the same financial page after 10 years of marriage. I'm excited about where our journey will lead us. It's crazy to think about not having a house payment one day and retiring with money in the bank when we're old and gray. Maybe then I can get my trip to Bora Bora! :)
Working on: Webb's behavior is something we've really been working on. He is such a good boy but sometimes he is a bit on the sassy side. He also will still have accidents in his pants on a much more frequent basis than I think is necessary for an almost four-year old. I totally understand that accidents happen but we wanted to really encourage him to GO! He is so interested in playing and being social that he will just wet his pants and not think twice. This week, the teacher in me, created a little behavior chart and posted it on his toy closet door. Each day he has two tasks: use the potty and be a sweet boy. Here's how his week is going so far!
He chose his stickers and has loved adding them at night after we finish supper. I KNEW he could do better- he just needed a visual reminder. On Friday, if he earns most of his stickers, we are going to get him a SMALL treat. He wants to go to the Tractor Supply Store and pick something out so that's what we will do. Today he went to the chart and said "Today is Wednesday!" So double whammy for behavior and calendar skills!

Studying: We are getting ready to host a Life Group at our house this fall. Our church is huge so the best way to meet people is to join a Life Group. Last year, we attended two that were lead by our pastor. This semester, Chris and I are going to lead it (or attempt to lead it) and we're pretty excited about it. I met some of the most amazing people in the last group, many of whom are joining our group this go-round. We also have a few neighbors who go to our church who are coming!
Loving: This precious face. My sweet Webb who will be turning four in two months. The love of my life, the sweetest, most rambunctious, loving, talkative, imaginative, and full-of-life child I've ever seen. And did I mention handsome? Oh, so handsome.


I hope you are all having a good week and enjoying this cool fall weather!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Weekends are Made For

I love weekends. It's such a great time to unwind, catch up, relax, and be with my boys. These last two weekends have been therapeutic in a way. Who thought that kicking the soccer ball around the yard and watching the chickens would be just what the doctor ordered!? Last weekend, we went canoeing and found a little island close by where we ate a picnic dinner. Webb also found a cool tree that someone had rigged up to climb so he and Chris spent a while climbing and jumping down.

This weekend, we enjoyed a fun night out as a family right here in our downtown! We went to a great restaurant that served the BEST pumpkin spice beer and then headed to another little hang out where Webb played while we hung out and talked with friends. When we came home, Chris built a fire in our little fire pit so we sat out and enjoyed that for a while. Saturday morning brought finger painting (YAY for no soccer!) and helping daddy mow. It was also fun to see NANCY!
I often look at this life and think about how blessed I am. Wow.